Job hunting in a tourist hotspot

Contrary to the other posts on my blog, my life does not revolve around writing. I think if that were the case, I would go crazy within a month, and eventually cease to use language entirely. Maybe I exaggerate.

As a baking and pastry student close to graduation, the pressure is on for me to find a job in my field. Rather than settle for any foodservice job, like a server or dishwasher, I’m more worried about finding a job in the back of the house, where I am putting my skills to good use. I had such a job a little while ago, but I was let go because of my own mistakes.

This is not the best time to be looking for another job. It’s only just before season starts, and nobody is looking at applications for at least a month. For now, this is the low season.

When I first started attending school here, one thing that was mentioned was that in my field, there would always be jobs available because everyone loves to eat. This would be especially true with the amount of tourists pouring in. I quickly learned that this was not the case, or at least that the jobs aren’t so easy to find.

“I told you being a grown up was no fun,” my mother once told me. I was reminded of all the times when I was a child, and adults said that they would love the chance to go back and relive their childhood years, while all I wanted to do was grow up in a hurry. I’m not sure if I feel the same way just yet, but it would be nice to be able to run around in my old backyard for a while instead of worrying about my next paycheck.

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