Challenge Accepted

Early on Sunday morning I arrived back at the house where my family has lived for seven years. Since moving away two years ago I’ve come back for the occasional visit during breaks from school, but this time I’m here to stay for the foreseeable future.

I’ve written before about how I’m moving back in with my family and how depressing the situation is. I love my family, of course. But I’d already begun to establish a life for myself, and having to pack it all up because of money is discouraging. I had to quit my job and leave my new friends behind.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is the difficulty I face looking for jobs. The job pool here in this small town is much thinner than the cities in south Florida. Now that season is ending, this is especially so. Now that the weather is warming up north and the tourists are packing up to go home, restaurants are now starting to slow business and even start layoffs.

I am making one thing clear: I will not waste time looking for any part-time job that will hire me. I’ve worked my ass off for two years gaining a degree, certification, and work experience. I’ve worked long enough to know not only what I am capable of on the job, but what kind of boss I want to work for. An employer who puts little to no effort in his/her business, with the expectation that employees will always be there to fill up the gaps, is not someone who should be in a management position, much less above me on the ladder. 

Moving on, the job hunt isn’t the only thing I’m going to be resuming. Starting next Sunday, I’ll be continuing the 52 Books Challenge that I started in January. Because it won’t truly be a 52 Books Challenge, I’ll start calling it the Book a Week Challenge. I’m going to start by continuing a series that I got into and fell in love with a long time ago, with Frank Herbert’s Dune Messiah.

Script Frenzy also starts next week, and I’m going to work on a webcomic script. Ideally, I’d like to see it online someday, but that’s a ways off. I still need to outline much of the main plots! More information about my comic can be found here.

My plan was to release Poplar and Mint on March 31st. With everything else going on, that will have to be pushed back a bit. I’m shooting for the end of April, but details TBA. School’s done, I’m out of work, and I’m not any less busy. Though honestly, I couldn’t stand it any other way. Bring it on!

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