Returning to Challenge: Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

Finally, I get to return to my Book a Week challenge.  School is over, I’ve finished moving in and I’ve found a job that will pay the bills.  With those stresses over with, I can move on and relax.

I started reading Dune a few months ago, on a classmate’s recommendation and urging.  I loved it, despite and possibly because its length rivaled this country’s regulation laws on the sale of cabbage.  I’m not quite sure why I took so long to start reading the sequels, but after one last visit to the bookstore before the move I picked up the next three books in the series.  I’ll be burning my way through those soon enough.

Dune Messiah picks up twelve years after Dune ends.  Paul’s empire is established and a rebellion forms.  Paul is treated as a Messiah and his sister as a Saint.  Irulan plays a more prominent role, at least for the first half of the book, and Paul decides which one of his women will give him an heir.

I loved this story because it brought me back to the same writing style and worldbuilding that I grew to love before.  There was significant change since Paul took power, but it was still familiar enough that I could get back into the story.  I will say that I felt the ending was sort of rushed.  Too many things happened, things that were obviously important to Paul, while he was elsewhere and unable to act.

Tomorrow I’ll get started on Children of Dune, while I’m at the beach with family.

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