Moving On

Last time I updated this blog, I was stuck in the beginnings of a new project fighting my way out.  It wasn’t long after that that I realized something:  I don’t have it in me at the moment to work on something new.  You see, my mind puts up fine, solid blocks in my creative pursuits when I have something my heart is really set on elsewhere.  At the moment, it’s Jasper City that’s getting much of my creative attention.  This makes tackling another NaNoWriMo project difficult.   I started writing the first chapter to 99%, but all I could think about was that city and its characters.

It’s because of that that I dropped out of Camp NaNo June, and did not take part in Camp NaNo August.  Instead I’ve been working on fixing Jasper.  Poplar is back on the backburner, as I’ve realized it needs much more work before I’m comfortable with releasing it, if at all.  It certainly couldn’t be done in the timeframe I set so long ago.

I’ve written about the joys and sorrows of editing here and here.  Editing Jasper City doesn’t feel all that different, except that this time the baby feels a bit older and more mature.  I put more time into writing this draft than Poplar, and it takes inspiration from so many things than just a writing prompt.  This is why I’m putting Poplar aside for now.

Real life still takes its toll.  I still work at the insurance agency, but now I take a more active role.  I’ve decided to look into getting my 2-20 insurance license so that I’m not limited in how I work there.  And lately with the storm blowing through the Gulf, it’s more hectic than usual.

Expect more posts to come within the week.  I’m breathing life back into these blogs again.

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