Character Blog Hop! Featuring Edward Jasper

I had a lot of fun with the WIP blog hop, and when I received an invite from Nadine Ducca to take part in this, I gladly accepted.

This will be an interview carried out by Cloverpuff, the dimension-hopping bunny.  As for the character, I’ve decided to subject Edward Jasper to this.

Poor Ed is the protagonist for both Jasper City and Jasper’s Fall.  He was fighting on the front lines alongside his brother when he decided to desert a rebuild a city for a group of survivors he met.  It goes fine for a little while, as people try to rebuild, but soon enough it all goes to hell.  We meet him as he’s living on the streets, avoiding the Guards who are out for his blood.

What’s your name?
She already told you this.  Edward Donovan Jasper.

What were you doing when I came in?
I was reading the Bible.  It helps, sometimes.

If I told you you had to do some spring cleaning right away, what would you throw out?
There’s nothing I really CAN throw out.  I don’t have very much anymore.  I need to hold on to and use what I have.

Look deep into my eyes… Do you have any secrets you’d like to confess?
I have plenty of secrets.  None of them are things I care to confess.  Especially not in front of my children.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I suppose I would wish to be better with speaking to people.  My brother’s good at that, but I’m not.  Maybe if I could do that, I would’ve found a way out of this mess I’m in now.

And what do you like most about yourself?
Haha.  Well, at the moment I can’t say there’s too much of me to like.  I’m resilient, I guess?  Resourceful?  I have managed to live like this undetected for ten years.

Is there anyone you really, really hate? Come on, you can tell me!
Honestly, I can’t think of anyone.  You’re probably expecting me to name my brother, as he’s the reason why I’m in this mess.  But I can’t do it.  He’s family, after all.  And his motives for what he did aren’t what you think.

Imagine it’s a typical Saturday afternoon. What are you doing?
The same thing I do every night.  I’m back at our camp with my children, either having dinner or sleeping.  Sometimes the little ones like bedtime stories, so I give them those.  We don’t have calendars anymore, so I don’t know when Saturdays come or go.

What’s your strongest childhood memory? It can be good or bad.
When my neighbor, Samuel Mallory, committed suicide.  I was the one who found him.  He hanged himself.  I remember running out of there, not knowing what to do and kept my mouth shut.  It was a week before anyone else found him.  He looked awful.  I also remember being scared for weeks that they’d find something of mine there and think I had something to do with killing him.

Well, thank you for your time! Before I head on back to my dimension, can you complete this sentence for me?

If I could be a domestic appliance, any appliance, I’d be a…
Well that’s a silly question.  I honestly have no idea.

Thanks for your time, Edward!

Let me know if you’d like to take part!  I’ll be happy to link your post here.

5 thoughts on “Character Blog Hop! Featuring Edward Jasper

  1. Wow, it was a week before anyone found his neighbor. Goodness. That must have been ghastly. Edward seems like a good guy stuck in a bad situation. I like him already. You have a great character, Kay. 🙂

  2. Yeah I have to agree, he has a strong voice that entices sympathy. You tied in the background of the story nicely as well.

    If this is Edward as a young child though, why does he say in question four: “I have plenty of secrets. None of them are things I care to confess. Especially not in front of my children.”

  3. Ah, I may have misspoke there. He found his dead neighbor as a young child. During the interview, he's a fully grown adult.

    But thanks!

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