One Word Wednesday: Dominant

I’m posting this later in the day than I originally planned.  Not being a morning person, and being at work all day made this slip my mind until I saw some friends post this to their blogs.  And this was originally my idea!  What does that say about my brain?

One Word Wednesday is part of my ongoing effort to create new blog content.  I pitched this idea to CritiqueCircle, and some people decided to jump on.  I’ll link their posts at the bottom.

The idea is based on  They give you 1 word per day, and you have 1 minute to start writing whatever you think of.  Today’s word is DOMINANT.

He didn’t like this new secretary.  He liked to be in control, and this was something that she just couldn’t handle.  Sure, she worked for a different partner.  And sure, he didn’t have to deal with her if he didn’t want to.  But there was something about the way she looked at him, about the way she rolled her eyes when he barked an order, and the way she walked past him with an air of “fuck you” that drove him insane.

I took this idea from a project I briefly worked on a little while ago and plan to return to, about a power-hungry executive and an unruly new hire.  It was called Executive Tantrum.

Other posters:
Lanise Brown

4 thoughts on “One Word Wednesday: Dominant

  1. Nice! I wonder if his insanity is due to attraction or a bumping of heads. Either way this is very interesting. 🙂

  2. Good work, Kay. How did you write so manage to write so much? I just had a go with it and only got three sentences. That minute flies fast!

    I'm not going to post mine because I'm late and not really happy with the output. I think I'd be more inclined for a five minute exercise. But if we're still on one minute I'll do my best for next week.

    You killed it 😉

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