Autumn is coming! I think?

Autumn was always my favorite time of year.  the fact that my birthday falls during this season is only part of it.  Of course the change of season was more significant in Virginia, when the trees changed color and the days finally cooled down to just the right temperature.  You don’t get to experience this in south Florida.  The temperature change isn’t as noticeable and the trees stay as green as ever.  It still feels like June.  But with so many people down here who lived up north before, the spirit is still here.

Sometimes it’s easier for me to forget that most people have a different experience at this time of year than I do.  Not everyone I talk to lives down here.  Every now and then I see a blog post or a tweet from someone mentioning the first changed leaf, or come across yet another pumpkin recipe and think, “Oh.  I miss that.”

This is probably why I’m such a sucker for pumpkin spice lattes, and collect pumpkin recipes as if they’ll go out of style.  This season is the one thing I miss since moving down here, and I want to reclaim it any way I can.

So those of you up north, enjoy your autumn while it lasts!  I’ll be down here, nostalgic and considering a trip up to Virginia for the sake of watching leaves change.

2 thoughts on “Autumn is coming! I think?

  1. Actually, the same thing happens every year here. I'm in Nevada. It stays hot here until the end of October and then the weather dips. The leaves change but it's hardly noticeable. The main thing I have noticed about autumn is that people have to wear their clothes. During the warmer months, there are way too many half-naked folks around here, lol.

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