SSS #4: Back to Jasper City

Returning to Jasper City as I promised, but this time I’m focusing on a different character.  This is Dexter, who also plays an important role in the story as Edward’s greatest threat.  In this passage, Dexter has a conversation with Mayor Calvin, as the latter decides whether he’s ready to take on such a great promotion.

“”I saw you work in the alley,” The Mayor said, interrupting the thoughts and wandering mind of Citizen C-121.  “That was very impressive of you.”

“I was just doing my job, Mr. Mayor,” C-121 said simply.

“You spoke so strongly, as if you believe in all of the ideals as you spoke.”

“But I do!”  Was the Mayor questioning his loyalty?”

Is Dexter in trouble now?

More from Jasper City next week!  I’ll focus on a different major character then.

8 thoughts on “SSS #4: Back to Jasper City

  1. I'm sorry. I'm giggling at Gemma's avatar, lol. That caught me off guard for a moment. Ok, where was I? Ah yes, Jasper City. I guess Dexter's in a bit of trouble here. Or perhaps the Mayor is a little green. Interesting. Hey, can I say, this reminds me of Asimov. 😀

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