New Year, Getting Back on Track

Dear FutureMe,

Late last year you made some resolutions to stay creative and stop living under a rock.  Hopefully you have accomplished the following:

-Obtained new employment in a restaurant or other foodservice operation.
-Read 50 books by this time.
-Finished editing your draft of Jasper City.
-Finished writing the first draft of Jasper’s Fall.
-Contributed more to your webcomic, and found someone to produce it with you.

Once you get this I hope you have created a new set of resolutions to accomplish in 2014.

Past Me.

This is the email I will be receiving, courtesy of, on New Year’s Eve as a reminder of my resolutions.
Even my New Year post is late, I realize, but I’ve been in the middle of some significant changes in my life.  In early November, I decided I’d had it with my pressure cooker of an office job and quit.  At this same time I was working on my Jasper’s Fall draft, but that was moved to the backburner after 25 thousand words.  I’ve been looking for a new job with little success.  I found one for a day, went through training only to be let go because of transportation concerns.  Then it was a hassle getting my paycheck out of them.  I’m still looking for a new job, and watching what little savings I have left trickle away.  There have also been great developments in my personal life, but that’s another story.
My pen name has also changed, as you can see.  There’s no profound explanation for this.  I just stopped liking my old name and decided now was as good a time as any for a change.
I intend to put effort back in to this blog as well as Bitter Baker.  Pussy Whipped Magazine is gone and my previous attempt to revive it was not successful.  I might as well redirect my efforts.  If I’m to do anything else exciting in this town, I can tell you all about it here or on BB.  I also have a few recipes ready to be made into blog posts, so those will be going up soon.  (They involve pumpkin.  Out of season now, but you know by now that punctuality is not my strong suit.)
I also intend to put out more submission-worthy works this year.  Jasper City may not be ready in time for Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award as I’d originally planned, but there are always other options.  Last year I submitted a short story to a contest run by Writer’s Digest.  I shall know the results of that by the end of February and either celebrate its acceptance or pursue other avenues for flash fiction pieces.
The end of last year I was feeling like a bum:  unemployed and without direction.  Most of all I intend to change this.  I’ve got plenty of time to get back on track.

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