Obligatory "Sorry I’m invisible" post!

It seems that all of my updates lately are catch-up posts.  Despite my best attempts I still haven’t been able to find that sweet spot of balance between work and writing.  But at least my reading resolution is going along nicely!  I plan to wrap up book #10 tomorrow.

This was much easier, in a sense, when I was unemployed.  I could have all the time and energy in the world to keep up with my hobbies.  But after a while that creeping sense of not contributing anything found me.  Oddly enough, I’m happier if I’m working hard.  But now that this job doesn’t seem to be working out as much, I’m starting up the job hunt again.  As for an explanation, I plan on writing a post about the importance of management priorities and employee morale on The Bitter Baker.  (Really!)

I’m also in the process of submitting some stories.  Swamp Gas didn’t make the cut in Writer’s Digest’s short shorts contest, so I’ve submitted it to magazine #1.  Should I get a positive response, I will drop names!

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