If you’re feeling doubly observant today you’ll notice that the name on this blog has changed.  Last week I mentioned the desire to change my pen name, and after giving it some thought I have gone through with it.

Writing-wise I have been focused on my Jasper project, which involves waiting for Jasper City to come back from a couple of betas.  This has left me with some time to focus on networking, and in order to do that effectively I needed to work under a name I felt more comfortable using.

I’m going to be a more active presence in blogs, not just my own, and with writing letters.  I had a few pen pal letters on my desk to which I’d failed to reply in months.  So if my pen pals happen to be reading this (unlikely, but possible,) I’m sorry!  And if you’re not reading this, you’ll get my apology in the mail.

Stay tuned for One Word Wednesday on 6/12, and Weekend Writing Warriors on 6/15!

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