Happy Birthday!

I haven’t been neglecting the blog, I’ve been taking a break to get some kinks in Jasper City ironed out.  And now that I’ve made some decent progress, I’m back.

This is only partially inspired by the fact that today is my country’s Independence Day.  I’m currently working on a chapter in which one of my characters celebrates her own birthday, but we are unsure of her true age.  In other news, yesterday marked the births of my own niece and an old friend’s baby, so birthdays have been on my mind lately.

When creating a character, dates for birth and death don’t often come to me.  Because I write about post-apocalyptic scenarios or worlds that definitely aren’t Earth, it’s also difficult for me to pick out a calendar date that makes sense in our world and the fictional world.  Not to mention that birthdays aren’t often plot points in my stories, so I rarely worry about them unless they come up.

This recent chapter was one of those times.  I chose the birthdate of July 3rd for my niece, but hopefully these two do not turn out to be to similar.

So let’s give a belated happy 8th birthday to Dot!

Do you have birthdays for your characters?  How about death dates?  Do you have their tombstones written out already?

One thought on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Both of my MCs have specific birth dates. 🙂

    Tristan was born on November 17, 2216 (he's Scorpio)
    Eneld was born on… I can't find the info! I must have it on another computer.

    The main variable I used when defining their birth dates was their star sign. 🙂 I wanted each one of them to display typical characteristics of their horoscope.

    As for death dates… Tristan has one. 😉 Eneld's lucky. He'll probably never die!

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