WWW: Mayor Calvin Jasper

This excerpt as always comes from Jasper City, my current work in progress.  Tag line:  An outlaw seeks revenge against a city’s tyrant Mayor, while the man appointed to stop him begins to doubt the merits of his cause.

The character here is Mayor Jasper himself:

“A funeral was in order.  One week ago General A-16 was sent into the Wasteland outside on a job, and he never made it back.  It was time to give the matter some closure.  But it would have to wait.
Mayor Calvin Jasper sighed.  Now he needed to find a new body to serve as General… It was a shame that A-16 had to go to waste.  He had potential, but ultimately couldn’t handle his responsibilities.”

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15 thoughts on “WWW: Mayor Calvin Jasper

  1. Lots of questions raised here, I like this. Great set-up for getting readers to sympathize with the character who will be going up against the mayor.

  2. Interesting! The name/title General A-16 is especially intriguing, implying a very different naming convention… and that A-16 wasn't human.
    And yeah, I could see why someone would think maybe that outlaw has the right idea about Mayor Callous, there.

  3. A-16 certainly gives this snippet a sci-fi feel…for some reason, I'm also getting a lot of Old West vibe. I don't know, but I definitely want to read more.

  4. Great snippet. Sounds like the mayor is the reason A-16 isn't coming back. . . Excellent job at showing this, making the reader instantly sympathetic with the hero's cause.

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