WWW: Richard Madden

(No relation to the Game of Thrones actor.  The name is purely coincidental.)

This comes from Jasper City.  Tag line:  An outlaw seeks revenge against a city’s tyrant Mayor, while the man appointed to stop him begins to doubt the merits of his cause.

In this installment of Weekend Writing Warriors, Cynthia’s father has been hospitalized.  A nurse comes to check on his condition, but apparently she has other motives.

“You’re locked down.  Mayor’s orders… Officially, Citizen 71’s bombing put you in such critical condition that having a visitor would be dangerous.  You’re also in a coma, post-surgery, and because f that your immune system’s been compromised.”

“And unofficially?” Richard asked.  “What’s so important about me that the Mayor had to tell that fairy tale?”

The nurse frowned.  “I was hoping you could tell me.”

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