How to Beat Writer’s Block

I’ll be honest, that title is sensationalized.  I don’t have a cure-all for writer’s block like others may claim.  What I do have are suggestions, that I am shamelessly reposting from another site.

I’m going to share this article I found from 5 Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative.  At first I thought the article would be about writing prompts, but it’s actually more useful for if you’re in the beginning or middle of your story and feeling stuck.

I’ve been guilty of some of these before, and it’s not a bad way to keep writing.  The first exercise is to start writing the ending before anything else, which is what I tried for Jasper City.  I was intimidated by the plot and not sure if I could pull it off, so I started at the part of the story that (at the time) I felt stronger about.  Did that ending make it to the current draft?  No.  Did I drastically change the ending?  Absolutely.  Did I get more excited about my manuscript after writing that ending?  Also yes.  Problem solved.

One quote that stands out in that article is, “As a writer, never forget that you’re Bill Murray on Groundhog Day.”  If you follow the advice you’ll likely end up scrapping whatever you write, and that’s okay.  If it gets you unstuck on your story, it’s not a waste of time.

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