WWW: Richard and Calvin

This comes from Jasper City. Tag line: An outlaw seeks revenge against a city’s tyrant Mayor, while the man appointed to stop him begins to doubt the merits of his cause.

In this excerpt, Richard (also known as Citizen B-39) is still in the hospital.  Someone else decides to pay him a visit.

“But it was not your place to share them!” the Mayor pointed out.  “Did it occur to you that I might be looking for something more than military strategy?”

“You want a puppet.”  If B-39’s realization came as a shock, he didn’t show it.  “But that doesn’t explain the bombing, or how 71’s involved.

“Citizen 71 was a convenient scapegoat.  I can’t have it said that I ordered the bombing, even if it really was the work of petty vigilantes.”

6 thoughts on “WWW: Richard and Calvin

  1. Lol, Millie! This excerpt is a nice little look at the characters' personalities. I haven't been able to read previous parts of this but I'm not clear on why the mayor couldn't point the finger at whoever really did order the bombing, to deflect suspicion from himself.

    And yeah, I'm curious about citizen 71!

  2. So the mayor ordered the bombing and the vigilantes did it for them or coincidence on their own, I wonder? Well I sure am curious.

    (No snippet for me this week. Just doing a little reading between other stuff.)

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