WWW: Citizen 71

This comes from Jasper City. Tag line: An outlaw seeks revenge against a city’s tyrant Mayor, while the man appointed to stop him begins to doubt the merits of his cause.

Throughout the story, Edward is often referred to as Citizen 71.  But why is he considered an outlaw?  This excerpt explains it:

The Mayor handed Dex a file, which he opened. Dex was greeted by the mug shot of former Mayor Edward Jasper and a list of charges: 

• Multiple counts of murder, including his wife Michelle Jasper, children Julie and Thomas Jasper, and several Generals over the past six years; 
• Three counts of kidnapping in the abductions of street children known as “Philip,” “Timmy,” and “Dot;” 
• Several counts of arson and vandalism; 
• Two recently added charges of arson in the bombing of Officer B-39’s home and the kidnapping of his daughter Cynthia Madden. 

Upon reading the final charges, Dex’s blood ran cold. 

“You can see why I needed to recruit someone immediately,” Mayor Calvin said.

11 thoughts on “WWW: Citizen 71

  1. Agree, this is definitely interesting. Are any of those charges false or is the guy really that awful? Only way to know is to keep reading 😉

    BTW, I don't think you need to capitalize “Generals”, or “Mayor” in most instances. I looked this up because I heard conflicting information. I think you only need to capitalize “mayor” when someone uses it as a direct address or *in place of* his name.

    “The mayor kicked the puppy at his feet” wouldn't need to be capped.

    “Careful, Mayor, there's a puppy by your feet” would be.

    Language should be easier 🙂

  2. Agreed. Curse you, English!

    Thing is, that's how the Mayor's title is used throughout much of the book. He's either the Mayor or Mayor Jasper. In the first draft I had him written as The Mayor, in hopes of making him seem even more ominous, but it didn't work out too well.

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