WWW: Edward and Cynthia

This Weekend Writing Warriors excerpt comes from Jasper City, about an outlaw bent on revenge and the captain appointed to stop him.

Earlier excerpts revealed a more than casual connection between Cynthia Madden and the outlaw Edward Jasper.  What happened when the two of them met?  Cynthia was full of questions, and Edward had a story to tell.  This is part of it:

(First line is spoken by Edward.)

“[Mayor Jasper] didn’t want me dead. He just wanted to make me into an outcast.” 
“It would have been easier to kill you,” Cynthia said without thinking. “But I’m not saying that he should’ve done it.” 
“I know what you meant. Still, it would have been difficult for him.” 
“And why is that?” 
“Would you be able to kill your own brother?”

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