Weekend Writing Warriors: Ascended 3

In NaNoWriMo spirit I am continuing to post excerpts from my current project Ascended.

Lately I’ve been showing a lot of anti-Shipwreck Island sentiment and how the local movement seems to have the upper hand in comparison to the refugees.  But with Lord Mark about to marry a prominent Shipwreck Islander and remaining hospitable to the refugees, this isn’t always the case.  Here’s a scene with Foreman Zander where the tables are turned on him.  He tries to enter Sunforge Castle and speak to Lord Mark regarding the plague epidemic, but is stopped short by castle guards.

“You can ask for an audience, sure, […] but that doesn’t mean you can just barge in on your say so.  The Duke is busy, now come back another time!”

“I think he needs more convincing,” the first guard said.  Sunlight flashed from his sword.  Zander recognized the make of the swords, as they came from his own factory.   I hope you appreciate them, boys.  They cost perhaps more money than you ever saw back home.  Did Lord Mark find this amusing, to send Shipwreck islanders to guard the castle from him with his own company’s steel?

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