Earlier in the month I received some exciting news.  Swamp Gas, my post apocalyptic flash fic, was accepted for publication!

It did not come without a truckload of effort and patience, and I’m happy to see that it will pay off.

I wrote the beginning to Swamp Gas for fun, following a prompt in one of the writers’ groups I used to frequent.  It grew into a longer, more complicated story despite the length of the polished submitted piece.  Though at less than a thousand words, I felt confident that it had its appeal as flash fiction and set out to find a magazine that agreed with me.

This experience only reinforces the idea that writing, like all art, is subjective.  I received my fair share of rejections.  Most of them were forms.  My one personalized rejection claimed that the story lacked a meaningful conclusion.  I disagreed, but in the end neither of us were truly wrong.

I once compared the submission process to dating.  It’s a comparison that bears repeating here.  The trick is not to submit the perfect piece to one magazine, but find the right fit for your (edited and polished until you are satisfied) story.

Now to work on the next story.  I expect another mountain of rejections from the next batch of slush readers.  I’ll share more details closer to publication.

4 thoughts on “Accepted!

  1. Congratulations! Finding the right home for a short can certainly be a challenge, but there are a lot of markets out there. Glad to hear you kept trying until you found the right one.

  2. Congrats. Yep, submission for short fiction requires the hard slog and the fine art of finding that right market for that story. Well done.

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