Weekend Writing Warriors: Dex and Lilith 6

Apologies for my late entry in Weekend Writing Warriors.

It’s simple and fun. Sign the linky list with your name, blog url and email address on Mondays, 8:00 AM EST. Each week, the list remains open until Saturday, 11:59 PM. Then on Sunday, post 8 sentences from a current writing project, published or unpublished. Visit other participants and offer opinions, critiques, support. Writers hanging out with writers, a good time with a great group of people.

For this entry I’m including the last sentence in the previous post to help it flow better.  Lilith is speaking first.

“But there’s a chance, isn’t there?  That you can make it.  And if you’re stuck between a choice of certain death and possible safety, the decision you should make is obvious, I think.”

He had to admit, she was right.  Dex closed his eyes for a moment.  With the confusion and hopeless he felt, his head began to ache.

“What if I fail?” He asked.

“What if you don’t?”

I’ve figured out why this is among my favorite scenes.  It’s Dex’s turning point, and a defining moment for him in his role.

Next week I’ll move on to another scene, if I can post on time.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: Dex and Lilith 6

  1. “What if you don’t?” Always a good question to ask! I can see why this is Dex’s turning point. Nit: I think “hopeless” should be “hopelessness”? But an excellent excerpt!

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