2014 Reflections and 2015 Plans

2014 was a big year for me.  I made big steps in my writing, my professional life, social life, and love life.  I’m closer to feeling like a full-fledged adult, because even though there are rumors I’m already at that stage of my life I’m not entirely convinced.

It was the year I moved out of my family’s home, played the adult, and survived knowing I could no longer rely on a safety net.  It was certainly there, as I’m lucky enough to have a supportive family, but I refuse to be dependent on that and live recklessly.

It was the year I found a good, stable job that I enjoy and have relative security.  It’s the year my skills and confidence improved.  It’s also the year I realized how much I miss the restaurant business.

It was the year I met a significant other and fell in love.

And finally, it was the year I made the most progress with my writing.  I made significant progress with Jasper.  I had a short story published.  I started a few more.  I revisited an old webcomic project.  I even took on some more freelance writing.

Moving forward, this is what I want to accomplish by the end of 2015:

  • Finish Jasper.  And by finish, I mean to be completely free from the editing process, and have a finished copy that may or may not be in print.  I say maybe in print because while I am leaning toward going the self-publishing route, I’m open to persuasion toward traditional channels and know those will take longer.
  • Start on Jasper’s Legacy.  This will be the sequel to Jasper and the end of the series at this time.  I don’t expect to have a final draft or a finished first draft, but I do plan to tackle it for NaNoWriMo 2015 if not earlier.
  • Make progress on the webcomic script Ye Olde Grille.  When I revisited this script, it was rough and ridiculous.  I want to start fresh and make it better.  I don’t want to impose a solid benchmark here for progress, but I want to get a good chunk of a new script on paper.  My ultimate goal is to have this published for online consumption, but that’s a long way off.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll find an artist to draw it, or learn to do it myself.
  • Read more.  This will be a resolution every year.  It always seems I have plans to read a library’s worth of books and my progress slows after February or March.  One year I will break this pattern.  I want it to be 2015.
  • Cook more.  This is partially related to writing because the more I cook, the more I develop tasty dishes and the more tempted I am to blog about them on The Bitter Baker.  It’ll also help my grocery bills.
  • Write more freelance.  This is mostly motivated by money.  I also want to find more avenues for work than Scripted.com, even if their operations have improved significantly since I posted my review.
  • Blog more.
  • Finish one more short story.  I’ve started too many projects not to finish at least one.

So, there are my goals.  It may look like a long list, but I have 365 days to tackle them.

3 thoughts on “2014 Reflections and 2015 Plans

  1. Freelance, huh? I should look into doing a bit of freelance, though I did some blogging for an online travel magazine a couple years ago for a few months. That was free, though. Not paid.

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