It’s Like Writing a Book.

The more I work on building a social media presence and promoting Jasper‘s imminent release, the more I see similarities between this process and writing the actual story of Jasper.

  • You need to have something to say.  When writing your book, you need to have a story worth telling.  When promoting your book, you need to make your presence interesting.  Clever tweets are great.  Tweets filled with hashtags?  Not so much.
  • You need to make it interesting.  This goes along with the first, but it’s not exactly the same.  While you’re brimming with excitement over the twists and turns in your novel, it’s important to write those scenes effectively or your story falls flat.  Same with promotions.  People aren’t jumping for joy over your accomplishments (except your mom and/or significant other, probably.)  The burden is on you to make them excited.  It’s not a given.
  • You need to maintain a habit.  If you don’t sit down to write on a semi-regular basis, your story won’t get finished.  If you don’t keep up a regular presence on social media, followers forget you exist.  Neither outcome helps book sales.

Now I feel like the work that went into writing and editing Jasper was a practice run.  With that in mind, despite my anxiety of venturing into uncharted territory there’s also a little voice in my head calming me down.  Relax, it says.  You’ve got this.

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