Tomorrow’s Reveal, and New Blog Direction

Tomorrow I’ll have the cover for Jasper up on the blog.  I also have a surprise planned for Wednesday.  I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction.

Throwback Thursdays are going to become a feature, because I’m planning to do something new with this blog.  No, it’s not a drastic change.  Consider it an addition.

As some of you may know I keep a second blog, The Bitter Baker, for food related posts.  There are some recipes there, some restaurant reviews, and some of my rants on the foodservice industry in general.  You may also notice it hasn’t been updated in a while.  Oops!

My plan is to merge these two blogs, and start making Bitter Baker updates here.  I’ve found it’s easier for me to maintain one blog than two, and it’ll encourage me to post more updates about what’s going on in my world on this blog.

This is where the Throwback Thursday comes in.  Expect to see some of my favorite Bitter Baker posts here in weeks to come.

I’ll still make posts about books and writing.  They’ll just be keeping company with food.

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