Weekend Writing Warriors: CHUM

Go to http://www.wewriwa.com/ to join the fun.
Go to http://www.wewriwa.com/ to join the fun.

Today marks the first Weekend Writing Warriors since the release of Jasper. I’ll keep sharing snippets from that book for a little while, but in time will start sharing from the sequel in progress Jasper’s Legacy.

I introduce a minor character that didn’t appear until more recent edits.  Meet CHUM, a former childcare Machine.

Another robot approached.  It was a smaller model, with a pale body.  On Its torso were old markings that resembled children’s drawings.  It stopped in front of Timmy, and offered what appeared to be a blue permanent marker.  Where did it get that?

“That model is a CHUM,” the other Machine told her.  “Its function in the old society was to assist in the care of children.”

That no doubt explained the markings on Its torso.  Timmy took the marker, and the CHUM’s apparent invitation to draw on It.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: CHUM

    1. Well thanks for the read and input. My aim was “real” and depressing so I suppose it can’t be helped. I thank you all the same.

      1. It wasn’t a criticism… it was a “cool concept, not a place I’d like to live in”. As in I like the writing, the place would makes me very sad for the characters that live in it. Does that make sense, Elizabeth?

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