Mapping a City, Step One.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared anything, and admittedly a long time since I’ve written anything.  I’ve decided I need to take a break from the Jasper series and approach it later with fresher eyes.  In the meantime, there’s this fantasy story I’ve worked on in the past that I want to crack open.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember the story of Ascended that I worked on for one NaNoWriMo session.  I didn’t make it to the finish line, but I loved the setting and story so that I intend to see it to completion.

Looking back over that draft again, it needs some reworking.  Put in some new POV characters, write brand new scenes.  It’s a big project and I’ll be starting almost from scratch.  But I’m taking a more calculated approach this time.

Sunforge Village.
Sunforge Village.

This is an extremely rough sketch of Sunforge Village, the great grand-ancestor of the enormous, sprawling industrial city of Sunforge where Ascended is set.  I’m working to make a detailed map of the city, but before I can do that I need to pin down its origins.  First, get the village mapped out.  Then I need to figure out how it changes as the village sprawls out into the powerhouse it is at the start of this story.

In black, you’ll see basic landmarks such as the elder’s home and first smithy (which are eventually absorbed into the castle where House Cannin resides.)  There are homes for the common villagers (that continue to move eastward as the village grows) and others.  All projected changes are drawn/written out in blue.

Of course, it’s rough and subject to many changes.  I know little of urban planning and have a lot of research ahead of me.  Maybe I should’ve tackled a city that wasn’t this fictional nation’s equivalent of New York City, but where’s the fun in that?

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