Mapping a City, Step Two.


My continued efforts to draw map of a city.

In retrospect, this probably should’ve been step one, but it’ll do.  The above is a basic map of Cecile, the country in which Ascended and possible future stories are set.  It’s minimal at the moment, but I intend to add to it as more details come to me.

Running through the center of the country is a river flowing from the mountains and letting out in the far south.  Cecile’s capital, Seaworth, sits on that delta.  The mountain ranges to to the north extend into the ocean and leave a dangerous underwater range with a reputation of ruining ships trying to get past.  Hence, you’ve got Shipwreck Island in the middle of it all.

Up in the northwest corner near the unnamed bay is Sunforge.  Now that I know where in the country it is, I can figure out how the city can be shaped and what its boundaries are.  I’ve got water to the south and east of the city and mountains to the north and west.  It’s probably on a cliff, or it might have a decent and calm beach. Time will tell.

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