Hands are Important.

If it wasn’t evident from the rest of this blog, I’m a writer.  I also have a day job at a grocery store bakery.  Both of these require frequent use of my hands, and can be difficult if one of your hands is injured.

Since Thanksgiving my hand’s been exceptionally sore.  It’s the fault of my day job, and the massive amounts of cupcakes, cannoli, and eclairs I’ve had to make on a daily basis.  All that piping takes a toll on the hand, and it’s been unable to rest properly.

I’ve been getting by, resting the hand as much as possible, taking Aleve for the pain, not working it any more than necessary.  Submerging it in warm water for short times helps too.  I’m looking at two days off right now, and a short vacation from work next week, so hopefully that will be enough for my hand to recuperate.

At its worst it’s painful to grip things like a hairbrush, spoon, pen, or of course a piping bag.  At best they cause my hand to tingle as if it fell asleep.

I’m focusing on recuperating right now, but I also want to write.  This runs into the problem mentioned above where I’m unable to hold a pen for extended periods.

Obviously, I have a computer.  I can use that.  Typing doesn’t bother me as much.  Trouble is I’ve become accustomed to writing longhand, and typing up the story later.  My bedroom is littered with notebooks I’ve used to haphazardly scrawl the makings of a new story. (Note to self: clean my damn room.)  Maybe there’s part of me that resists technology, funnily enough.  It’s the same part that makes me favor physical copies of books, CDs, and games over digital sales.  I also feel writing longhand cuts down on distractions, while social media is only a click away when writing on a computer.

I’ve been passing the time with editing, which is awesome and a necessary evil.  I have six stories submitted to magazines right now.  Six!  But I’m running out of stories to edit, and soon I’ll have to start working on new projects.  It may take more resting until my hand heals completely, but I don’t know how long that’ll take.  It may take a change in my methods, compelling me to write first drafts on a computer again.  Either way, the hand is a terribly inconvenient body part to be on the mend.

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