When Reality Meets Fiction.

Twice in recent times, news stories surfaced that relate to one of my works in progress.

I was working on a short story set on Mars when NASA discovered liquid water. That specific site became the setting for my story “Martian Soil,” which is about a Martian terraforming attempt going awry. It’s in the submissions process now.

Now I’m working on a short story about a robot named SAM that serves as an assistant for an elderly couple. It has an unpleasant encounter with some neighborhood boys that leaves it severely damaged.

Enter Atlas. It’s a robot created by Boston Dynamics that has better balance than previous models and the ability to pick itself up after falling down. The video shows it being pushed around and knocked over by humans. I immediately thought of SAM and what it goes through during my story.

They say art tends to imitate life, but not often do we expect life to imitate our art. When has this happened to you?

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