The Too-Common Reminder to Back Up Your Work.

It happens to everyone at some point. You spend time creating something, and then it’s gone. Now that’s happened to me. A few years back I tried my hand at writing comic scripts, and made several months’ worth of strips for a webcomic I eventually wanted to produce about working in a restaurant kitchen. It was somewhat based on my own work experience and was going to be hilarious, at least in my own head. I had it saved on a website called Scripped, along with a graphic novel script I was also writing.

Now Scripped is gone, replaced with WriterDuet. My Scripped login does not work. The link I sent to a select few to see the comic no longer works. My comic is lost.

I should know better. Aren’t we always talking about backing up our work? The GN script is saved on my Google Drive. I even have a hard copy somewhere. For some reason I never did this with the comic.

The upside here (?) is that I thought about rewriting it anyway. As I said, it’s a few years old, and I’d like to think my writing skills have grown since then. It could have done with some polish. Now, I don’t have a choice.

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