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Weekend Writing Warriors: Dismembered

This Weekend Writing Warriors excerpt is taking a short break from the Jasper series in favor of my plans for NaNoWriMo this year.  It began as a contest entry which I’m still polishing, and once finished I’d decided it would be a good fit for a NaNo novel.  So once again I’m going t rebel against the standard rules, having inadvertently written a small portion of the opening chapter.
Dismembered is about two killers who leave pieces of their victims in plain sight, but the bodies as a whole are nowhere to be found.  Detective Miguel Mancini and his new partner have their work cut out for them to determine whether victims are still alive and identifiable, much less track down who attacked them.
In the opening scene, a young girl finds a human tooth inside a gumball machine.

The associates behind the desk gasped; he guessed the woman hadn’t seen fit to show them after all. 

“What the hell?” Brian shook the bubble. Inside, the bloodied tooth rattled. The spectators around them showed mixed reactions of horror. One woman swooned. 

The little girl piped up, ignorant of or ignoring the spectacle. “Can I still get a gumball?”