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One Word Wednesday: Derived

Today’s exercise comes from One Word.  Every day one word is chosen as a prompt.  You have sixty seconds to write without thinking.
The word of the day is derived.

Math humor tells us never to drink and derive. But that doesn’t make sense. Calculus is difficult enough to understand when you’re not under the influence of alcohol. Why the hell would I try to attempt my math homework while drunk? English, that’s a homework assignment to tackle while tipsy.

My attempt to introduce some humor.

One Word Wednesday: Blamed

As a reminder, for One Word Wednesday visit, see the word for today, and start typing.  You have 60 seconds to write without thinking.

Today’s word is: Blamed.

She blamed me for it, but that was nothing new. Whenever something in the office went wrong, there was always something I missed that would have helped her save the day if I had been competent enough to catch it. I missed a note, I wrote the note but failed to email her an update. I emailed her, but she never checks her emails so I should’ve known to send a text instead. I’d be such a good employee if I knew to catch on to the little things.

This one was inspired by a previous employer.  Anyone else had a boss like this?

One Word Wednesday: Tumble

Today’s word is tumble.

The girl fell down the hill hard, hitting every stone and branch along the way. She yelped at first, but after every strike her cries of pain grew quieter. By the time she reached the bottom all she could do was whimper. The older girl stood at the top of the hill, smirking.

As a reminder, for One Word Wednesday visit, see the word for today, and start typing.  You have 60 seconds to write without thinking.

This one is related to no works in progress, just something that came to mind.

One Word Wednesday: Decompose

Coming back to One Word Wednesday, the word today is decompose.

I was the first to find the body in the canal, but not the first to smell him. The household woke up to that smell, amplified by the summer heat, and assumed at first to be from an unfortunate animal. We never expected the animal to be a person instead, and certainly didn’t expect it to be someone we knew.

As a reminder, for One Word Wednesday visit, see the word for today, and start typing.  You have 60 seconds to write without thinking.

The above comes from another idea I’ve been kicking around and considering writing as a TV script.  It’s a bit darker than I would expect the show to be as a whole, but with a word like decompose one can imagine where my mind went.

One word Wednesday: Musical

Late, but I was determined to post this.  Today’s word is Musical.

I dreaded this.  But my friend insisted that we go.  She was much more of a musical buff than I.  Truth be told, I hated musicals.  They stop the plot in the strangest places and break out into song.  Just get on with the story!  I screamed at the characters in my head.  There are important things to worry about!

There is truth to this.  With few exceptions, I was never fond of musicals.  But I don’t share the outright hatred of them that this character does.

One Word Wednesday #3

Getting an early start this morning.  Today’s word is Solution.

“I’ve got a way to solve all of your problems!”

He always talked like that, in such a sensational matter when he was on the air. It wasn’t clear whether Billy meant half of what he said or just liked the sound of his own voice. Who took him seriously anymore, after the scandal? It was difficult to say.

One Word Wednesday: #2

Continuing with the 1WW, this week’s word is entrance.  For this I took inspiration from another distant project I’ve been kicking around:

By the time the ship passed the city’s walls, everyone on board crowded around the window. Tourists were expected for this behavior, but it wasn’t every day one got a chance to see a city underwater. Every last building was completely submerged, but protected by a strong bubble manufactured to keep the waters at bay.

The city is named Vanishing Point, on the planet Pacifica.  It was the setting for part of my NaNo project in 2010 named Lunacy, about a far-off space colony that faced an energy crisis.  I originally planned on rewriting it this year, But the Jasper series begs for completion.

One Word Wednesday: Dominant

I’m posting this later in the day than I originally planned.  Not being a morning person, and being at work all day made this slip my mind until I saw some friends post this to their blogs.  And this was originally my idea!  What does that say about my brain?

One Word Wednesday is part of my ongoing effort to create new blog content.  I pitched this idea to CritiqueCircle, and some people decided to jump on.  I’ll link their posts at the bottom.

The idea is based on  They give you 1 word per day, and you have 1 minute to start writing whatever you think of.  Today’s word is DOMINANT.

He didn’t like this new secretary.  He liked to be in control, and this was something that she just couldn’t handle.  Sure, she worked for a different partner.  And sure, he didn’t have to deal with her if he didn’t want to.  But there was something about the way she looked at him, about the way she rolled her eyes when he barked an order, and the way she walked past him with an air of “fuck you” that drove him insane.

I took this idea from a project I briefly worked on a little while ago and plan to return to, about a power-hungry executive and an unruly new hire.  It was called Executive Tantrum.

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