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One Word Wednesday #3

Getting an early start this morning.  Today’s word is Solution.

“I’ve got a way to solve all of your problems!”

He always talked like that, in such a sensational matter when he was on the air. It wasn’t clear whether Billy meant half of what he said or just liked the sound of his own voice. Who took him seriously anymore, after the scandal? It was difficult to say.

One Word Wednesday: #2

Continuing with the 1WW, this week’s word is entrance.  For this I took inspiration from another distant project I’ve been kicking around:

By the time the ship passed the city’s walls, everyone on board crowded around the window. Tourists were expected for this behavior, but it wasn’t every day one got a chance to see a city underwater. Every last building was completely submerged, but protected by a strong bubble manufactured to keep the waters at bay.

The city is named Vanishing Point, on the planet Pacifica.  It was the setting for part of my NaNo project in 2010 named Lunacy, about a far-off space colony that faced an energy crisis.  I originally planned on rewriting it this year, But the Jasper series begs for completion.

Gearing up for NaNo 2012

After taking a break in June and August for Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to get back into writing again.  Lately it’s been a lot of revision on my plate, and I’m wanting to get back into the creating stages.

For revisions, I’m on my second draft of Jasper City and the final stages of cleaning up a short story I wrote years ago.  My goals are to submit the short to Writer’s Digest’s upcoming Short Short Story Competition in November, and Jasper to Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award next year.

But lately I’ve got a new idea that’s been poking at me.  It surrounds a project of mine for NaNo 2009 and a character I didn’t use often enough.  It’ll involve a rewrite of that project, but I’m confident it’ll result in a better project.

Lunacy was a downy-soft science fiction story surrounding a group of astronauts on a mission to collect fuel for their planet in hopes to ease the ongoing energy crisis.  Horrible mutations, a homicidal monster, and catastrophic failure ensued.  The rewrite will focus on the mission’s leader, Elizabeth Smith, as she seeks treatment for her physical and mental afflictions while a pesky reporter hounds her for the truth about what really happened out there.

I need to put a plot together, but there’s plenty of time.  Usually I have a good portion of the outline out of the way before the NaNo site’s annual reboot.