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Moving On

Last time I updated this blog, I was stuck in the beginnings of a new project fighting my way out.  It wasn’t long after that that I realized something:  I don’t have it in me at the moment to work on something new.  You see, my mind puts up fine, solid blocks in my creative pursuits when I have something my heart is really set on elsewhere.  At the moment, it’s Jasper City that’s getting much of my creative attention.  This makes tackling another NaNoWriMo project difficult.   I started writing the first chapter to 99%, but all I could think about was that city and its characters.

It’s because of that that I dropped out of Camp NaNo June, and did not take part in Camp NaNo August.  Instead I’ve been working on fixing Jasper.  Poplar is back on the backburner, as I’ve realized it needs much more work before I’m comfortable with releasing it, if at all.  It certainly couldn’t be done in the timeframe I set so long ago.

I’ve written about the joys and sorrows of editing here and here.  Editing Jasper City doesn’t feel all that different, except that this time the baby feels a bit older and more mature.  I put more time into writing this draft than Poplar, and it takes inspiration from so many things than just a writing prompt.  This is why I’m putting Poplar aside for now.

Real life still takes its toll.  I still work at the insurance agency, but now I take a more active role.  I’ve decided to look into getting my 2-20 insurance license so that I’m not limited in how I work there.  And lately with the storm blowing through the Gulf, it’s more hectic than usual.

Expect more posts to come within the week.  I’m breathing life back into these blogs again.

My first release date!

The decision has been made.

Poplar and Mint will be released on March 31, 2012! Paperback and ebook versions will be available.

“The bodies of two pretty young women are found murdered and buried in a nursery. The owner is an emotionally frail woman with a high risk pregnancy and problems among her family. When the victims turn out to be high-class call girls with a list of wealthy and powerful clients, an investigation into their murders only gets that much more complicated, and the nursery’s owner turns out to be closer to the killer than she thinks.

Miguel Maserati is a middle-aged Homicide detective struggling to cope with the loss of his last partner, as well as trying to preserve what is left of her good name after her death. To make matters worse, he and his newest partner Spencer Snow have gotten off to a rocky start. Both of them will need to swallow their pride and put their differences behind them in order to find this killer.”

Be sure to pick it up when you can!

New Year’s Resolutions!

This post is a day late, but these plans have already been in motion for some time. I also wanted to hold off until my other blog was ready for posting. Here is what I plan to have accomplished by the end of 2012:

-I have already mentioned the first one in my previous blog post. The 52 books challenge, for me, began this past Sunday. I am currently reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Next week’s book will be CP BialoisCall of Poseidon.

-Finish and polish my drafts of both Poplar and Mint and Jasper City. Poplar will be be self-published, mostly likely through Createspace, while I will take a more traditional route with Jasper.
–As a sort of “sup-resolution,” I’d like to have the first draft of Jasper finished by the end of the month.

-Write the scripts for a webcomic. I have the idea already forming, taking much inspiration from my experiences working at my current job. I’ll likely save this for Script Frenzy in April.

-Take on some more freelance jobs. Hopefully my new blog will help with that, but that’s also just for fun.

That’s actually about it. There are also some things that I’ll have to do this year, and soon, such as move out of this dorm and get an apartment once I graduate, and possibly take on another job to pay the bills once my loan payments kick in. It’ll be a busy year for me, that’s for sure.

Recently I’ve been trying to revise something that’s truly awful.

It’s harsh, I know. And I know that the book I’m revising has potential to be good once it’s cleaned up, otherwise I wouldn’t bother. I still can’t help but cringe as I read through it, seeing all of the mistakes that I missed during my first edit.

Two questions go through my mind when I read through: How could I have been so careless? and How bad was it before I started editing?

There’s a switch in POVs when I started writing in first person and then changed my mind, important details such as the murder victims’ times of death are inconsistent, and my protagonist needs a serious attitude adjustment. Those are just a few of my problems.

Yet I’m getting into this story again. The novel is my baby. It’s the little child I forgot about for almost two years and now have to pour in as much love as I can to fix all of its problems.

Fresh eyes helped. I put the book away for over a year, and now there are passages that I don’t even remember writing. The freshness is making me excited for the story again.

Another thing that excited me as a writer actually happened a long time ago. This was actually back in May. In the process of trying to get some people to help me revise my novel, I was asked to complete an interview for someone else’s writing blog. The post can be found here. Not only was it nice to see my name on someone else’s blog and get my 15 minutes, the lone comment made me smile.

“This is a fantastic interview. One of the best I’ve read actually. I’m glad I dropped by.”

Thanks Darrell!