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Promo: Serving Time by Nadine Ducca

Good evening!

In this post I mentioned seeking beta readers for Jasper City. Nadine Ducca was one of the lovely people who was willing to take on the task, and as a “thank you” to her I am promoting her novel which is out now!

Life and death have been industrialized. The Forge, the birthplace of every soul, is a rumbling factory owned by the goddess Time, managed by Lucifer, and powered by the labor of demons and imps. In this dystopian world, a renegade interplanetary pilot running from his past doesn’t stand a chance. 

Handling Neptunian meth and dodging security cannons are all in a day’s work for Tristan Cross—not that he’s one to complain. Working for the smuggling company StarCorp is an improvement over what he used to do for a living. 

However, when StarCorp gives Tristan a one-way ticket into the brainwashed—and disturbingly suicidal—Loyal League, he decides to run from the company and start a new life in the only safe haven he knows: Earth. With the help of his brother, Tristan embarks on the most hazardous journey of his life, one that will place him at Time’s mercy. Little does he know the demons running the universe are craving a feast, and his own soul is the next item on the menu.

Serving Time will be available for free on June 18-20. If the blurb caught your attention, now is the chance to get it!

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Week 2: Call of Poseidon by CP Bialois

This week, I finished with my book a bit early. I’m not sure if it was because I have an easier time reading books on a Kindle or not. That will remain to be seen.

This week, I read Call of Poseidon by CP Bialois. The book, and a review of mine, can be found here.

This story is equal parts police procedural and Dan Brown-esque conspiracy tale. As I said in my review, I like it when a story shows the culprit early on and still manages to surprise you.

Next week will be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, another book that I’ve been wanting to pick up for a while. Until then, I’ll be focusing on editing Poplar and Mint.