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Week 2: Call of Poseidon by CP Bialois

This week, I finished with my book a bit early. I’m not sure if it was because I have an easier time reading books on a Kindle or not. That will remain to be seen.

This week, I read Call of Poseidon by CP Bialois. The book, and a review of mine, can be found here.

This story is equal parts police procedural and Dan Brown-esque conspiracy tale. As I said in my review, I like it when a story shows the culprit early on and still manages to surprise you.

Next week will be The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, another book that I’ve been wanting to pick up for a while. Until then, I’ll be focusing on editing Poplar and Mint.

52 Books Challenge: Week 1

It would’ve been quite embarrassing (to me at least) if I started to lag behind in the first week of the year. To be honest, I’m usually not a very fast reader. One book per week is an ambitious goal for me, but I love a challenge.

So far, it’s running smoothly. Though saying that in week 1 is a lot like saying that you’re sticking to your diet after throwing away your chocolate and chips on January 1, it’s a good baby step. I just finished reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

For the first time, I made a conscious effort not to be spoiled by the ending. I had originally planned to see the new movie that had come out, and then made plans to watch the original trilogy on Netflix. I wound up passing on those for now. Usually, I like spoilers, and being aware of the ending before I finish reading does not ruin a story for me. It is still nice to see how a story leads to that conclusion. For this reason, I wasn’t upset when the ending to The Half-Blood Prince became such big news. (Spoiler alert! Snape kills Dumbledore!)

Not knowing the ending made it that much more exciting. The book is already a good read; I love how there are different plotlines going on at the same time, and multiple protagonists and viewpoint characters with their own motivations. The conclusion to the mystery surrounding Harriet Vanger made my jaw drop, and the end of the plotline involving Wennerstrom was especially satisfying after the slow building up.

I’m taking one day of rest before getting started on book 2 on Sunday: Call of Poseidon by CP Bialois.

New Year’s Resolutions!

This post is a day late, but these plans have already been in motion for some time. I also wanted to hold off until my other blog was ready for posting. Here is what I plan to have accomplished by the end of 2012:

-I have already mentioned the first one in my previous blog post. The 52 books challenge, for me, began this past Sunday. I am currently reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Next week’s book will be CP BialoisCall of Poseidon.

-Finish and polish my drafts of both Poplar and Mint and Jasper City. Poplar will be be self-published, mostly likely through Createspace, while I will take a more traditional route with Jasper.
–As a sort of “sup-resolution,” I’d like to have the first draft of Jasper finished by the end of the month.

-Write the scripts for a webcomic. I have the idea already forming, taking much inspiration from my experiences working at my current job. I’ll likely save this for Script Frenzy in April.

-Take on some more freelance jobs. Hopefully my new blog will help with that, but that’s also just for fun.

That’s actually about it. There are also some things that I’ll have to do this year, and soon, such as move out of this dorm and get an apartment once I graduate, and possibly take on another job to pay the bills once my loan payments kick in. It’ll be a busy year for me, that’s for sure.

For the past few days I’ve been reading some of Ray Bradbury’s short stories, both from The Golden Apples of the Sun and R is for Rocket. Along with being a pleasant way to pass the time, these stories have been giving me ideas for other stories.

I guess that’s how it works now, my inspiration coming from other books and songs with the occasional strange dream, and as attached as I am to these newly sprouted infants that may or may not grow into short stories or more, I do wish they would come by at a later time. Now they only serve as hurdles for me, as one part of my mind wants to guide Lily Travers through the post-apocalyptic United States in my graphic novel script while another part would prefer to figure out what to do with an old, abandoned movie set.

I’ll work through it, of course, while letting my idea bank run until it’s a mile long again, but I have enough unfinished projects to fix up and books to read until the zombies come home. Hopefully after that time comes, I won’t be too busy trying to save my own skin to work on something new.

Busy busy!

I’ve recently learned that I hate being idle. Maybe that’s why I’ve managed to give myself such a crazy convoluted schedule this quarter. Two part-time jobs, full-time classes, and a school club leave me with 52 hours completely accounted for before I consider sleeping. It doesn’t sound like a lot until I look at it all on Google Calendar.

Other than that, here’s what I want to accomplish by the end of the quarter in June:

Writing: Rough drafts of graphic novel script Lily’s Odyssey, Lonesome George novella, finishing up the short stories “CHUM” and “The Wolf,” and giving Machmen a little TLC now that it’s breathed a bit.

Reading: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Foundation, and two big collections of SF-themed short stories.