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SSS #7: The Twins

As promised, this passage describes more of Edward’s children.  Meet Amy and May:

“The twins were next.  They were identical in every sense of the word, and I couldn’t tell which was Amy and which was May.  It wasn’t the first time I’d failed them as a father.  The tiny, frail things clung to each other and sobbed so hard their bodies shook.  What was their crime?  The hooded man sighed and waved over one of the guards.  Together, they aimed at the little girls and fired in unison.  The sobs, once filling the dusty air, ended.”

This leaves two more to introduce for next week!

SSS #6: Dot

I’m going to get back in the habit of posting for Six Sentence Sunday and One Word Wednesday.  This week I hadn’t thought to sign up on the SSS site, but next week I will remember to do so.

This passage focuses on Dot, one of Edward Jasper’s children.

Dot’s story was different.  She had a mother once, and remembered her well.  But something happened not long before Edward found her that was awful enough to traumatize the girl.  Dot was eight years old when she and her new father first met.  Ten years later, she swore to the same age.  Whatever abuse she suffered must have been so terrible that Dot never could cope or move on, and so she stayed a perpetual child in her mind.

Next week I’ll post a passage about some of the other children.

SSS #5: Officer Richard Madden

Continuing on with Jasper City.

Today’s excerpt focuses on the Mayor again, as well as Officer B-39.  His birth name is Richard Madden, and he was once Dexter’s commanding officer.  Now, he gets to see firsthand just how dangerous it is to contradict the Mayor.

“The Mayor made his way to a pile of pillows by the side of the bed, picking up a rather large and fluffy one.  He ran a hand across the pure white fabric.  It wasn’t something easily found anymore.  Too good for the man in that bed.

“Those who challenge my authority,” the Mayor said, “Don’t often live long enough to see the consequences.”

He struggled more than would be expected of a paralyzed man, the Mayor remembered thinking to himself.”

SSS #4: Back to Jasper City

Returning to Jasper City as I promised, but this time I’m focusing on a different character.  This is Dexter, who also plays an important role in the story as Edward’s greatest threat.  In this passage, Dexter has a conversation with Mayor Calvin, as the latter decides whether he’s ready to take on such a great promotion.

“”I saw you work in the alley,” The Mayor said, interrupting the thoughts and wandering mind of Citizen C-121.  “That was very impressive of you.”

“I was just doing my job, Mr. Mayor,” C-121 said simply.

“You spoke so strongly, as if you believe in all of the ideals as you spoke.”

“But I do!”  Was the Mayor questioning his loyalty?”

Is Dexter in trouble now?

More from Jasper City next week!  I’ll focus on a different major character then.

Six Sentence Sunday #3

I’ve decided to try signing up for SSS this week instead of just posting something.  The following excerpt is from Swamp Gas.  Next week, I’ll go back to posting from Jasper City.

This takes place in the swamps near a war-torn US city.  The protagonist Stelle encounters an injured man during a distress cal:

“Stelle moaned through the gas mask, holstering her weapon.  She knelt down and examined the man’s body.  His skin was several shades of red, and blistered.  What Stelle took to be cold chills were actually violent muscle twitches, indicating serious nerve damage.  It was only a matter of time before the chemicals he inhaled killed him.  

Stelle quickly opened her pack and produced a second gas mask.”

Six Sentence Sunday #2

For this SSS I’m going in a somewhat different direction, in honor of NaNo 2012.  I’ve decided this year I’m going to start working on Jasper’s Fall, which takes place a decade before Jasper City.

When I plan, I tend to write out a summary first of what I want the story to be, as if it were going to be on the back of the published book.  Using that as a starting point, I brainstorm from there and end with writing the outline.  It was coincidence that this summary turned out to be six sentences long.

“It is the twenty-second century.  The North American continent is beaten, scorched, and all but destroyed by a war with no end in sight.

Two brothers, Edward and Calvin Jasper, are part of a unit who tried to defend their homeland and failed.  When they stumble across a camp of civilian survivors, Edward finds inspiration to abandon his hopeless cause and start over.  He’s moved to build a great city and bring civilization back to the land.

It isn’t long before Edward realizes just how hard his cause will be.”

Six Sentence Sunday #1

In the spirit of creating more content to post here, I will be taking part in Six Sentence Sunday.  Most of my entries will be from my current work in progress, Jasper City.  So let’s start off with the first six sentences in the story:

“We were forced to our knees in a straight line, with our hands tied behind our backs. Nothing but desert wasteland surrounded us.  Stray dust attacked our exposed faces, threatened to blind and choke us before the guards were through.

They put me at the end of the line, with my children all before me.  A tall man stood directly in front of us, the hood he wore obscuring all the details of his face.  He fixed his attention on Timmy, the first in line.”

What do you think is about to happen?